1. I like your Ideas. The Landing-Page Layout looks good.

    A big sideshow/gallery with a couple of screenshots (probably even standardized: Blog, single post, page) above the theme-name on the single-page would be nice.

  2. I’d love to see what ideas people come up with. The Theme Review Team often lament the lack of any sort of curation tools or infrastructure. I would love to have something to curate Themes in the directory – whether that comes from the WPTRT, the community (even better!), or elsewhere.

  3. It’s interesting, but almost too simple of a change. It just really adds favorites and packs more photos onto the main page.

    You should do a “contest” and take submissions. See what people come up with. Get many ideas from the community. Just a thought.

    Maybe do it for the plugin directory simultaneously, see what people come up with as a combined concept for both. The differences and how designers deal with that might be interesting.

  4. The “rough sketch” looks great and what I’d class as a good design for the directory – that would be a big improvement on the current landing page. With more ideas flowing it can be improved upon to make it really shine.

    @Otto – The contest idea is a neat one. Open up the challenge to designers and developers to come up with a workable design that best suit the directory and let the games begin.

    Just out of curiosity, is the current theme in use available as a starting point for those that wish to tinker with the ideas being suggested or is that a closed project?

  5. Favoriting definitely helps. Also, we can take some cues from the Apple AppStore in terms of curation and how to help people find the themes they want =)

  6. Thanks for bringing up this topic. It’s long overdue that WordPress revamps their theme page.
    I teach a WordPress class, and one of the most difficult things to show students, is how to search for themes.
    One of the easiest ways to revamp the theme page is to rethink the tagging system for WordPress themes. The advanced search and list of tags are totally out to date and incredibly lame they don’t even have responsive on the list. Also it seems that the theme developers don’t apply all the tags that they could to their themes. It would be cool if the WordPress theme reviewer could also add tags. Once we have enough usable tags, there could even be a tag cloud page, similar to what they have on the showcase page.
    And speaking of the showcase page, how about a way to see WordPress.org themes in the wild, that would really be helpful.

  7. IMHO, we need more information on the theme pages too. You can’t link from the descriptions and they’re only a single page. I’d quite like to provide a lot more information about my theme and so I provide that on my own site instead, but it’d be nice to have a similar setup to what we have on the plugins repo.

  8. A redesign of the theme directory would be so, so welcome. Definitely love the idea of favoriting themes, and restructuring the landing page to bring more attention to trending or popular themes! I feel like there’s so much that can be done to really highlight some of the great themes we have that are hard to find in the theme directory. I’d definitely be interested in starting to redesign it. :)

  9. @Otto – My sketches were just another way to look at it within the existing design for the sake of discussion. I’m sure a professional designer could have a lot more fun with it. :) I love all the ideas that are popping up here in the comments, though I’m pretty ignorant of how changes happen to the wordpress.org website and how decisions are made there. Would a design contest actually be a good idea?

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