1. Thanks for the write up Jeff. A couple of the things that you brought up in your article, we’ve already been discussing as a committee. The number of attendees vs the number of sessions. It’s a hard mix to try to figure out. If we don’t have the sessions that draw…. will we get the attendees. If we have the attendees and not enough sessions to peak interest, what do we do then?

    In 2013 we didn’t have Dev tracks, and trust me we heard about it, So this year we had both a User track and a Dev track and that seemed to make people happy. But like you said, we had a lot of sessions, but too many for the number of attendees. We’ve done our trial and error and we think we’ve found our magic number.

    We’ll be dialing it in for 2015. Everyone, like you said, said it was worth the investment, we just need to tweak it and as good as it already is, we’ll make it something really great next year.

    1. Thanks again Joe for helping to put together a great event in my own backyard.

      You’ve only been doing this for two years so the third time should be the charm :) Can’t wait to see what you have in store for 2015 and I promise, I won’t forget to register!

  2. Jeff thanks for the review! I’ve been a presenter and a member of the WCNC Committee both years and looking forward to next year. I know Joe has reached out already to core members on ways of enhancing it (he’s progressive like that). I spoke to a ton of people and they were all complimentary about the value they received. You know I presented in the big room and didn’t notice any background noise (and they were setting up lunch during that time) that room is so long I think it works fine. We need to find the sweet spot in regards to the number of people and sessions though.

    One thing I know for sure… #WCNC2015 will be even better. Year 1 we featured a Zero Waste Event. Year 2 we were still “green” but featured the marketing boot camp. Year 3 we are going to feature…. -I know but Joe won’t let me say;)

    1. Hehe… that’s right. It will remain a secret for a while. But it will be worth the wait.

    2. That’s awesome how you folks are already on the ball for WCNC 2015. Most organizers and groups need a month or two to recover before they event want to see or speak the word WordCamp lol.

      I guess if speakers didn’t complain about the noise in the back of the room, it must have been ok. Despite that, it still would have been a better room setup if the front and back of the center room was split up with that wall. It’s stupid that they don’t allow it to be opened and closed just a few times during the day.

      1. Thank Jeff… I was already thinking about things the same night. A couple of us from the committee just started talking and we were off and running for the planning for 2015. We’ve got the Friday idea in place and many of the details for Saturday. Thanks so much for being at WordCamp… see you in Columbus?

        1. Of course, I’m keynoting their. What I’m talking about I have no idea lol.

          1. Crap… I knew that. Well at least you’ve got some time to figure out what your presenting.

  3. Harvey Rothenberg

    You felt that, ” There were also three sessions dedicated to security during the day. I attended the third session by Joseph Herbrandson of Sucuri and it seemed like folks were worn out by the topic. ”
    I had attended these same security sessions and I felt that Joe’s presentation was either to basic or to broad in the material presented especially after the two other presentations that seemed a bit more focused (in comparison).

    If Joe had been the first security presentation, I feel that it would have been received in a better light. I had attended all three of the presentations. After having heard each of these talks, I would suggest that the order in which these were scheduled, due to content, could have been done differently and this would have possibly improved the attendance of each of these talks.

    I also understand that this might not have been possibly done. I know that the first security presenter had to leave in the early afternoon in-order to travel a long distance for yet another event. So the order could have been done in reverse of this year’s order and it may have been appreciated by the attendees in a much different light, today. IMHO.

    1. That’s a good point I hadn’t thought of. Makes sense to have basic information first then intermediate information after. Considering the breadth of topics and speakers available, maybe it would be better to just have one speaker/session on security instead of two or three. Then again, having a beginner’s security session in the User track and then Server level security in the Dev track would work out just as well.

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