1. Great idea, but I wonder if visitors would work out the highlighting text part?

    I use the Buffer App for Chrome, which does a similar thing: it allows you to highlight text and send to various social platforms.

  2. Looks great. I wonder how many people know that this functionality is available and use it to quote on Twitter.

    1. Exactly what i thought. Looks brilliant but not sure how useful it would be.

  3. As someone with the (perhaps bad) habit of idly highlighting things as I read, I find this to be a pretty obtrusive feature.

    1. As someone who also idly highlights things as I read, that’s a pretty understandable sentiment. That’s why the plugin carefully places the button above the highlighted text, to avoid popping over something you are likely to be reading. If you have any ideas about how I could make the menu less obtrusive, let me know. I may add a configuration option to allow site owners to choose whether they want the Quotable button to show up just on blockquotes, just on selected text, or both.

      1. Dan

        You should probably do that anyway, the more option there is more people will use it.
        Sounds great by the way, I’ll check out the plugin. I think this adds value even if very few people use it because it gives the impression that you’re a social and open company. It adds to the personality of the brand.

  4. Any way you can include sharing on facebook too?

  5. This plugin is very cool but it has some problems in coding with other languages..

  6. This is a handy and usefull feature on WP. Tested and works also with 3.9.1

  7. I also use Buffer for this as it also handles images. I wonder whether it handled text highlighted on touchscreen though given browsing trends. I don’t think Buffer does.

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