1. I know how you feel, I’ve been buried in work too lately. Never have enough time to contribute and participate in the community as much as I’d like to or work on any of those personal projects.

    I don’t envy your early mornings one bit, but it sure makes 7am sound a lot better to me!

    Thanks for all your hard work Jeffro, looking forward to seeing the redesign and hearing about WordCamp New York.

  2. Jeff,

    It’s often difficult to separate between what we must do, and what we love to do. Your commitment and honesty to the community is commendable. You have done so much for the WP Community and if there is any thing we can do, just yell. God’s speed and hope to continue to see your great work once things stabilize for you. Thanks for the posting.

  3. Hey Jeffro!

    You ARE a glutton for punishment! I think if you took one of your famous polls – lol – you’d learn that most, if not all, of us that visit the Tavern from time to time think it’s current design is “just fine” …bordering on terrific!. I realize that site/theme tinkering is probably the single biggest part of WordPress that interests you, but please don’t break “our” Tavern!

    It’s a shame you haven’t been able to find a co-host matching your level of energy and enthusiasm. Such a person might have been able to shoulder some of the many podcast duties. I listen to podcasts continuously throughout the work-day here “on the farm” and it’s always a good day when I see on my Nano’s screen that you’ve uploaded a new show. I especially enjoy when you interview theme and plugin authors.

    I really wish I could be in the Big Apple this weekend!

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