1. Lisa

    Websense is tagging wphierarchy.com as “Potentially Damaging Content,” so I’ll have to check it out from a different network, but it sounds awesome and incredibly helpful.

    1. That’s interesting. There is nothing wrong with the website. I’ll have to let rami know to see if there is some sort of issue going on

  2. This is great. I often link Chuck’s image directly to developers that I work with, so having a site like this with the links available to the codex is fantastic.

  3. @Brian Krogsgard – Do you mean Chip and not Chuck? I can edit the comment for you if you’d like.

    @Toby Cryns – Yes I have. In fact, I’ve reached out to Josh and it turns out they have just a few of those posters still available. I’m hoping to get one for myself and to pass one along to the WordPress museum section at the new Automattic office building.

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