1. I like the fact that they are paying for speakers. A lot of conferences of different industries pay the speakers travel, accommodations and food.

    You don’t have to pay for a 5 star accommodations or first class air travel.

    I am all for local speakers but sometimes to cover a topic, your local community might not have a good speaker for that. You might have to go outside local.

    Depending on where you get the speaker from, it could cost them $500-$1000+

    Andrea & Ron Rennick who came from eastern Canada to Toronto for WordCamp Toronto to speak (was my favourite session by the way), I am sure it wasn’t cheap for them to drive/plane/bus/train to Toronto.

    What about Lorelle VanFossen? What about….others who speak often.

    1. Kiko Doran

      Miroslav this ability to pay for speaker travel expenses is one of the main reasons for organizing this conference outside of the current model. I think your estimate is on the conservative side when you look at some airfare + hotel expenses. We have gotten an amazing response from speakers on this very issue. Volunteering to speak a WordCamps is awesome but we should always remember the cost that is put on those doing so. We think there is room for a couple of different options when it comes to WordPress conferences.

  2. Also, did you noticed a streaming price? Wouldn’t it be nice if ALL WordCamps were streamed?

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