1. Jeff, thanks for this post. I really appreciate you taking the time to talk about the redesign / refresh.

    You summarize my intentions quite appropriately. I’m excited for the partnership with The Theme Foundry, and other items I have planned. Drew and I even discussed the partnership with reference to the way Daring Fireball does it – though mine is still different because it’s a single advertiser, not a rotating deck ad.

    Also, I think the dual delivery of long-form and linked content can work well, as long as I didn’t screw up how to showcase it in the new design :)

  2. @Brian Krogsgard – I wanted to also do something similar to you. I wanted to use Post Formats and put Link posts in the sidebar. My problem however is that every post ends up being publishing in the dashboard and thus, things would get cluttered quickly. Also, I’d then be publishing 5-10 posts per day, even if some were just links with a little bit of text. Maybe in the redesign of the site I’ll implement that or I may just stick with one main content area.

    Things have worked out for you and PostStatus that you now have some momentum going your way. Your audience loves the redesign and they are excited to see how the site progresses. Capture that momentum and excitement and don’t let it go. If you do, you’ll be hard pressed to ever get it back.

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