New WordPress Podcast For Your Ears

Dawp show logoWhile there has been a drought in WordPress Weekly, there is a brand new WordPress centric podcast to take a listen to called daWP show. The podcast is in it’s beginning stages with two episodes completed with another on the way. The show is produced by Josh Feck and covers specific topics while at the same time, mentioning a bunch of cool links he’s discovered. So far, Josh has been the man at the helm and although he’s produced the show by himself, it doesn’t come across as sounding monotone. The WordPress community could always use a few more podcasts dedicated to the software as usually, there is a ton of stuff going on that needs to be covered.

You can follow the show through iTunes via the following link.

Who is Jeff Chandler

Jeff Chandler is a WordPress guy in the buckeye state. Contributing writer for WPTavern. Have been writing about WordPress since 2007. Host of the WordPress Weekly Podcast.

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