1. Hey Marcus. In light of the Credit Tracker plugin you mentioned, I thought you would be interested in some history into making it easier to allow proper image attribution links in the captions of images – http://www.wptavern.com/links-in-image-captions-possibly-coming-in-wp-3-4 I’m not sure the progress of what happened but in testing, I discovered I can easily create links and such to image captions in both the visual and text editors. I don’t think that was possible before.

  2. Thanks for the great rundown Marcus :)

    The Dynamic Featured Image plugin looks really handy. I might start using that myself.

    The Dynamic Featured Image plugin looks okay, but it’s not as clean as the Multiple Featured Images plugin which I usually use … http://wordpress.org/plugins/multiple-featured-images/

    @Marcus – Do you know if there is any advantages to Dynamic Featured Images over the Multiple Featured Images plugin?

  3. Thank you Marcus for mentioning my plugin Dynamic Featured Image. The plugin is in its initial phase and lacks many functionalities. I am doing some research before extending it to new level. Any suggestions or features that could make this plugin more handy in future would be truly appreciated.

    Thank you again :)

  4. @Ryan Hellyer – Thank you very much for the review Ryan :). The plugin (Dynamic Featured Image) is in its initial phase. It would be great help if you could help me by pointing out the feature that could make this plugin clean and more robust.

    I haven’t use multiple featured image personally but as far as i know I need to decide the number of images from the start. And this is the case with every featured image plugin available. But that’s not the case always. What if the number is unknown?

    Some of the sites i know are using it in different ways like MeroUdayapur.com is using this plugin to allow news authors to add advertisement banners at the bottom of their post. One e-commerce site is using it to display small gallery featuring the images of the current item the user is going to buy. In both cases the number of featured image required is unknown.

  5. Manoj Neupane

    I am using ‘Dynamic Featured Image’ and it really is a great plugin!

  6. After reading this post, I think I might use this ” Dynamic Featured Image” in my personal website for blogging purpose.
    great work @Mr. Ankit Pokhrel

  7. Great list. What I am still missing is an easy EXIF plugin, to display chosen exif fields. Does anybody have any tips?

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