1. Responsive oEmbed in core would be a nice feature too. It took testing a few plugins to find one that worked. I then had to go through all of my posts with media and correct them from using shortcodes so I could use native oEmbed.

    1. Realistically, whether a provider outputs responsive capable HTML or not is entirely up to them. They can change their responses without core making any changes at all. Core simply implements a whitelist. The provider provides their HTML.

  2. The oEmbed YouTube playlist URLs is very interesting.

    When you look at the core report, it was quick to add the support :)

  3. Another option for users who want to add more oEmbed stuff is Embedly. They support a metric shit-ton (technical term :-)) of oEmbed providers. And you can disable any of the ones that overlap in case there is conflict (which I’ve honestly never had happen).


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