1. Christian “Kriesi” Budschedl
    Brandon R Jones
    Akay Akagunduz
    Marko Prljic
    Ian Stewart

  2. If it’s a team, then it would make sense IMO to have specialists for each job. In which case I’d have a CSS coder, a couple of designers, a WordPress whizz and a WordPress theme whizz.

    Paul O’Brien – CSS coder
    Small Potato – Designer
    Another designer – I’m not sure who
    Otto – WordPress whizz
    Justin Tadlock – WordPress theme whizz

  3. I’d go for the following team. Since we were talking about woothemes, I fell free to include some of them (we can dream, right? :P)

    Code masters:
    Ian Stewart
    Justin Tadlock
    Jeff “Jeffikus” Pearce

    Cobus “Fresh01” Bester
    Nick La
    The guy from Elegantthemes (I can’t recall his name, sorry)

  4. I’d vote for the guy from elegantthemes too, those themes rock.

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