1. hi Jeff, I’m a BIG fan of clear & to the point. From the list, Weekly Buzz sounds best to me.

  2. @marti garaughty – The more I think about it, the more I like Weekly Buzz as well. Short, too the point and of course, Buzz fits into the Tavern nomenclature :) Thanks for the feedback

  3. Might be to British but how about: The Pub Crawl.

  4. “Around the Bar”? (Around the Tap)

    “WordPress On Tap” (WPTavern: What’s on Tap)

    “Draught Discourse” (Draft Discourse) (Draft Discussions)

    I also like “Tavern Talk”

  5. tekzt

    bar buzz sounds good to me

  6. Laura

    I like Hayley’s idea, but also how about ‘A round on the tavern’.

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