1. @John Myrstad – Yeah even donncha suggested that with a few changes, it could get into core. Some of those changes Ron has already put into the plugin so I don’t think this will be that hard to incorporate into WordPress 3.0. Then again, what do I know.

  2. I expect with the concentration on features going into 2.9, and then the freeze, it will be put on hold until the 2.9 beta is out the door.

  3. Bill

    This would be a great addition to WP core.

    I’ve suggested an enhancement which would allow you to export a specific page and all of its children, too. I’m hoping this makes it into the plugin.

  4. Has anyone made a ticket for the inclusion of Advanced Exporter?

    If no, and the plugin fixes anything that might be considered a bug, it should be easier to get it in since bugfixes have higher priority than enhancements.

  5. @John Myrstad – Yeah. I knew it had no shot in getting in with 2.9 but with Rons work I think it stands a very good chance coming with 3.0

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