1. I finally made it on WPTavern. Scratching this off the bucket list…. and thanks Sarah!

  2. WP Armchair was a great idea the moment I saw it in action for the first time. I used it multiple times to keep track of everything at WordCamp San Francisco 2013. It worked out great! As mentioned in the article, WP Armchair enables people who would have loved to attend an event to see through the eyes of others how awesome of an event it was. This generally translates into armchair wordcampers putting in the effort to attend the following years events.

    Great to see that this is WordCamp focused but really, it’s the ground work idea of bringing people together. Nice work David and I hope these sites become a regular part of the WordCamp websites. Somehow turn everything in an armchair site into a plugin that all WordCamps can then use.

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