Mixergy Interview Featuring Adii Of WooThemes

Andrew Warner who produces the video show Mixergy which interviews entrepreneurs of successful start ups and established businesses has published the video featuring his interview with Adii of WooThemes.com. In the interview, we get a glimpse of just how successful WooThemes has become with net margins now in the 50-60% range and revenue of over two million dollars. Adii tells us how WooThemes was started, who inspired him in the beginning, the team involved with WooThemes, how they deal with theme piracy, brief discussion about the GPL and much more. All in all, it was a great interview that shed some light on one of the most successful businesses built on and around WordPress. Andrew Warner asked all the right questions, including some that I would have never thought to ask regarding the business aspect of WooThemes.

Oh, and I found a way to get WPTavern name dropped (36:40) on the show which I’m very appreciative of. Thanks again Adii and Andrew.

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Jeff Chandler is a WordPress guy in the buckeye state. Contributing writer for WPTavern. Have been writing about WordPress since 2007. Host of the WordPress Weekly Podcast.

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