1. What a great idea Matt. Thanks for introducing this (and thanks for sharing Jeffro). :)

  2. I think this could be an amazing project, and hope to find a good mentor through it. Unfortunately they’re having server problems right now and the site is down. Maybe your article was too convincing!

    1. Thanks Jeff(s)!

      This site is hosted on Siteground so I’m checking with them now. Looks like it was just from a spike, but I should have plenty of horsepower.

      1. Hey Matt,

        I know this borders on trolling – have you considered adding “Auto Locations” to your WP Job Manager?

        *nudge nudge*

  3. Interesting idea, i imagine this can be a tool that will help build new relationships and find people with complementary skills. By looking at the postings people are already using it this way.

    1. Exactly. Pretty cool to see that Matt created this resource that didn’t exist before.

  4. I’ve already received two inquiries from some really smart folks looking to be mentored. Excited to see how this all pans out!

    1. Justin, that’s awesome! I’d love to follow along with whoever you connect with to mentor.

  5. Awesome! Just stumbled across this from wpmail.me – great idea Matt!

    I’ve submitted an application to help out.

    We had fun doing this live yesterday with Nelson from Leadin – http://bit.ly/K8lzKw

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