1. I read this comment by Jeremie where he says, “but if this project grow too fast or too big for us to maintain, we might have no choice but to offer paid support.”

    So I guess paid support may be a possibility in the distant future? Probably something like Automattic’s Support Network, where people could use the free support forums (like on wordpress.org) but could get “enterprise level” support straight from the source.

    I think the main goal at this point is just to get the project going with new theme releases, and a community built up.

    Leland’s last blog post..WP Gorilla – More Free Premium Themes?

  2. Carl Hancock

    I’ve mentioned this before on other sites, but they seriously need to rethink their name.

    There is already an established premium themes company using “Gorilla” in their name… Gorilla Themes.

    If they had researched their name when coming up with a domain, a quick search on Google for “gorilla wordpress” or “gorilla themes” would have returned them as the first result. They certainly didn’t do their research.

    I don’t find it very kosher to use a name that can cause brand confusion with someone in the same space… especially when you are giving something away for free and the other person has a pay product. It causes confusion AND can impact each others SEO due to both using Gorilla in the name.

  3. @Leland – Well, that would make more sense to me as I can’t see theme developers doing great work just for the benefit of the community. It would be nice in an ideal world, but we don’t live in one of those lol.

    @Carl Hancock – To be honest, when I saw Matts Tweet, I thought he was talking about that other Gorilla Themes place which is why I was intrigued at first. Turns out it was a completely different project. Like you, I think if they get big enough, their could be some feathers ruffled between the two forcing a name change.

  4. I’ll pass on to Jeremie and Chris about this (I’m working on the backend with Chris).

  5. Looking forward to the release of PigNews. The PigNews preview looks great and if OneRoom is an indicator of what’s to come from WPGorilla, it should be awesome.

  6. By the way, looks like they will be changing their domain name along with the entire name of the project.

  7. I have to agree with the approach. We are taking a similar approach and feel it is the best way to “add value” and still release killer “free premium” themes. You build the community around the great themes and then add value for those that want it.

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