1. Jake Goldman

    I’m not sure Gutenberg is the right analogy. Matt didn’t invent WYSIWYG content management or even the notion of web based blogging software. He had a significant role in popularizing it, and certainly WordPress has continuously raised the “ease” bar, and become a leading platform. The latter – popularizing – is arguably of equal importance: Apple didn’t invent the smartphone, but it sure as heck popularized it. I just don’t think it should be conflated with invention.

  2. I publish content on two blogs, one for storage of photos and random tidbits of stories for my own purposes and the other for dispersing WordPress information to the masses.

  3. I publish regularly on two blogs, and I’m getting ready to start a third. The first blog, (Never Ending Voyage, is to talk about what it’s like trying to be a permanent traveller and work on the road and I guess our motivation is to inspire other people who would like to travel or become location independent to do that.

    My second one is my online portfolio where I develop WordPress Sites and my motivation for that one is, quite simply, to generate work. I’m hoping that, over time, I can use it to demonstrate my knowledge and skills and, between that and my portfolio, convince people that I’m worth hiring!

    I created my own blogging software for our first trip three years ago and it was fine, but when I discovered WordPress, it really changed our approach. It allowed us a lot more flexibility to publish the content that we wanted to publish in the way that we wanted to publish it.


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