1. IF your page uses mainly white as a background, edit /wp-content/plugins/jetpack/modules/holiday-snow/snowstorm.js and edit line 24. I’m using

    this.snowColor = ‘#e0e0e0’;

    on http://slneighbors.org

  2. The question would be better: “Make It Snow On Your WordPress Site WITHOUT Jetpack” :-)

    However, I am wondering who had the idea of “January 4th”? In a lot of countries it should be January 6th, and for some countries also a few days longer I guess. The “make it snow setting” should be combined with a date/ timeframe setting otherwise it’s useless. At least outside of U.S.

    All in all, just another reason, why Jetpack feels bloated to a lot of users/ developers…

    1. jason

      wow I just clicked on this site I really don’t want school tomorrow but where are the steps?

  3. Very cool! And easy to follow instructions. We are now using on our site.

  4. “You can control which direction the snow falls with your mouse cursor by moving it to the left or right side of the screen. ”

    Eh that looks good but I’m not a Jetpack man.

  5. @steven stern – That’s a neat trick, thanks for sharing. WP.com is primarily white and it’s hard to see the snowflakes until you notice them flying across the black text.

    @David Decker – I see your point. It’s worth noting that the snow addition is not a seperate module for Jetpack. It does little to add to the overall weight of the plugin.

    @Mark Root-Wiley – Well shucks, there is always something to ruin the festive mood. Thanks for the link and I’ll reconsider having snow turned on on the site.

  6. This is quite interesting. I planned to write about the fancy of letting snow in your website, but it turned to “how to trigger undesired seizures in your customers and lose visitors”…
    It’s not all bells and whistles I guess, and it’s time to be conscious enough and respect disabilities.

  7. Mike

    @Mark Root-Wiley – Seriously? Heaven forbid these poor souls should ever catch a glimpse of a television…

    Sad to see the snow has now gone from this site :(

  8. MarillaAnne

    It would be nice if our visitors could turn it on or off. Any ideas on that? And is there another plugin doing snow?

  9. @Mike For some people, that’s a real danger, not a joke. You should read the full article.

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