1. I don’t know Lorelle, but I made great use of many of her articles when I was learning how to tweak my WordPress blog. I’m sure she’ll be awesome as an instructor.

  2. I do hope she blogs this experience! Clark College is quite close to home :-) Would love to see some guest posts from her students as well! There certainly is something fantastic when people “get it” and I trust a lot of that will happen in this class and in many more to come.

    Thanks for the post Jeffro!

  3. I’m just finishing up (co-)teaching a course like this myself, in the Queens College (CUNY) Graphic Arts department. I’ll have more reflections on my blog http://teleogistic.net in the upcoming weeks, but I will say preliminarily that it was a cool experience, and I think that WordPress was a helpful way to teach a lot of more principles about web development and design.

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