1. Thanks Jeffro for the mention. Having a useful 404 page actually reduces your bounce rate significantly. Now there is nothing stopping you from combining the humor and usability. Just use the creative touch.

  2. Heh, ironic… yours is a puppy, mine is a cat. This is for a site that’s under construction so it’s just a screenshot. ;)

  3. Is it just me, or wpbeginner is not reachable since yesterday? Every time I come back to try once again to have a look at the article, I get an error page.

  4. @Jeremy – Site works for me, I haven’t had any issues though. Although this gives you a chance to see a 404 page, unless you don’t even get that far.

  5. @Jeffro – I think I am blacklisted … Don’t know what I have done for that… I will ask them via Twitter. Weird.

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