1. Woot! Congratulations to Justin and the team…and also to us users for the added value of his knowledge!

  2. Awesome news, congrats & welcome, Justin!

    You are a true WordPress community rockstar, bring in your power and let the theme repo be the go-to place! :-)

    And wow, over 100 reviews, what an awesome community! Impressed.

  3. About time. ;) I’m a big fan of Justin’s work and a proud Hybrid customer. Love his plugins and his overall approach to theme/plugin development. Here’s to more themes in the repo! /cheers

  4. As an admin, I feel like I can contribute more than as a just a reviewer. I can’t do nearly as many reviews as some of the other guys/gals, but I can pop in quickly at various times and check over and help catch things we’ve overlooked. If nothing else, it should allow me to take some of the workload off the other admins.

    The team has definitely been doing a lot to get new themes approved and help educate theme authors. The process has also gotten a lot better because of the improvements made to the system by I believe both Otto and Nacin. This has allowed us to take on more themes.

  5. Wall

    This guy is a 1000% freak! When i read his comments and discussions with people i wonder if he is joking with people or what… He sounds like “shut up!” in some cool way. Go, Justin! Full support.

  6. @Wall – It’s how I learned to write in journalism class and from reading too much Stephen King. You gotta say what you want to say while not being apologetic about it. Good writing should be vigorous and passionate, even when you’re wrong. :)

  7. @Justin Tadlock

    Hi Justin congratulations, and we are the fans of hybrid theme. Your knowledge and skill in developing hybrid theme framework says it all, your work will take over other theme frameworks in a sense that it is comprehensive, complete and user-friendly, at least for new wordpress users like us here.

    Again congratulations, and we hope more people will make use of your knowledge and skills in wordpress.

  8. Gloria Antonelli

    Brilliant move! I been a fan of Justin’s work for years.

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