1. Gunn4r

    Neat tool! I’m going to try it out this week. With as complex as some WP backends are getting with all our fancy plugins I can see this being really useful!

  2. @Gunn4r – I’m really liking it. I test a lot of WordPress plugins and usually delete them from my installs afterwards but this is one I’m keeping in place because I love how it works.

  3. Thanks for the WP Butler mention, Sarah. It doesn’t look to me like Jarvis is a fork of WP Butler, though they do similar things. At the moment I think WP Butler can do a few extra things, but I’m sure that’ll change as Jarvis’ development continues.

    Good luck, WDG! :)

  4. Very glad you all like it.
    We built the tool first and then did more in-depth research afterwards. We found WP Butler (thanks, Japh) and a few other tools, but thought we still fit a need in the WP ecosystem.

    @Cam: I can’t wait to see Omnisearch in action. We’ve been kicking around the idea of a “more results” page similar to omnisearch, but simpler and more streamlined. Maybe we can collaborate on a solution?

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