1. We’ve been working closely with Chris over at Foo and we’re very happy that he’s been able to work out this deal with Cory and the gang. The future is bright for BWPS that’s for certain.

  2. @Adam – I love the Foobar plugin. It’s super flexible. Great Job!

  3. Got to be aware of WordPress security.

    The ultimate solution would be hosting with someone like WP Engine but that’s a little beyond my reach so I use a good host and pay for Sucuri monitoring.

    “Like backups, good security is an absolutely essential, non-negotiable part of every WordPress site.”

    How true is that.

  4. Nathan Briggs

    Wunderbar! Congratulations, Chris!

  5. Mercime

    @ChrisWiegman Thank you for the Better Security plugin as always.
    Congratulations on your new job! Party time! :D

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