1. Great interview and interesting to see what TDH is all about except for the occasional #wpse tweets.
    But this last part I disagree with completly.

    I’m afraid the future is more commercial themes and fewer truly great free themes. This makes me sad, actually, because I think it is hurting the WordPress platform.

    Commercial themes is what has really made a difference when it comes to increasing the interest in WordPress. Most free themes in the wp.org directory look terrible. There ain’t a whole lot of truly great looking free themes to choose from. There is really nothing negative about an increase in commercial themes. It won’t cause the user adoption to slow down one iota. If anything could cause a problem to the user base and more importantly the developer and business base it is the attitude and arrogance that far too often rears its ugly head among the top and in some degree within the community itself.
    And I don’t really understand the animosity against commercial theme/plugin endeavors. Is TDH on the “free as in beer” band wagon? Since not even Matt goes to that extreme. Just curious.

    I for one hope the WP community becomes a friendlier and more open, as in welcoming of different opinions, place in 2011.

  2. Nick

    Great interview. Thanks.

    My question to Thord: Can you show us themes’ demos from the book to look at it before actual purchasing? Thanks.

  3. @Nick
    As soon as they are on wp.org, sure. However, you shouldn’t buy the book to get the themes (I’ll release them anyway), but for the theories and concepts.

  4. @Andreas Nurbo
    I’m not against commercial themes or plugins per se, but I do feel that the more focus they get, the less free themes we’ll see. While there are a lot of free crap out there, there’s also a lot of great work. I believe that the idea of a lot of free stuff being available is more beneficial for WordPress’ growth than an explosion of commercial themes, since the majority of the users won’t buy a theme, they’ll download free ones. I would hate to see the free theme (and plugin) movement slow down by the thought of a quick profit, especially since there are a lot of free themes matching commercial ones.

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