1. Hearing first time about this service and $5 per months sounds like a great price :).

  2. It looks like the WordPress Management Dashboard niche is getting crowded, there is already/; ManageWP,InfiniteWP, Worpit, xMarkPro and now WPRemote as well, either way, the more the better, everyone can find something suitable for their site.

  3. @Devesh Sharma – Probably the cheapest you’ll find outside of using a plugin that backs up the database and puts it into a cloud service.

    @Greg Winiarski – It’s definitely getting crowded but I think at this point, WPRemote solves the needs of the no bells and whistles customer that just wants the essentials.

  4. I respect the work guys from WPRemote do. Just popped in to say hello to Tom and Jeffro :)

    Vladimir from ManageWP

  5. I have been meaning to take a look at WPRemote’s services, but still havent.

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