1. How good is that!
    Looks like you got a result Jeffro.
    I’ll head over and take a look.

  2. If only “users” can use non-WP.com related functions without connecting to Jetpack and without writing code.

    Now that would be neat :)

  3. Now that´s a great example of a good post title, Jeffro.
    It really caught my eye, everyone wants to take at least a little control of Jetpack!
    Thank you (and thanks, Jeremy)

  4. Great!
    I was under the impression that while WordPress is very open, with Jetpack they were very closed and wanted people to install all-or-nothing. I’m very happy they are opening it!

  5. I still stand by my original reply to your first post on the subject. I’d much rather use a one-off plugin than to rely on a large plugin like Jetpack while having to deactivate nearly all of its features. It just makes more sense for me to use a plugin that does one job and does it well.

    Automattic has done a great job though. Jetpack is marketing gold. I need to bundle all my plugins and release them as Tadlockpack.

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