1. Wow, so many different options for publishing! What an amazing collection of resources. I’ve been setting the goal to publish in 2014, so your outstanding article came just in time! Great post Sarah!

  2. Wow, Thanks Sarah, With this post you’ve shown a powerful start in 2014!
    I am very interested in this area, last year wrote a review about “PressBooks” http://goo.gl/TXA9oq
    I checked PressBooks again recently, they’ve had some changes since I wrote the review but I still don’t like their themes and I guess the way they’ve decided to monetise has an slim chance for success.

  3. Thanks for the info. 2014 is the year I wanted to do this exact thing.
    Nicely written.

  4. Interesting post, Sarah. I created a book in pdf format and wanted to convert it and sell it on Amazon. I never got around to converting it for Amazon.

    We’re all self-publishers if we’re blogging. Right?

  5. Awesome article! This is very helpful. I look forward to exploring these options to get my book published.

  6. These plug-ins look promising! It’s my goal as well to start publishing this year, so this article couldn’t have come at a better time.

    Sarah, I’d like to suggest a follow-up post on the marketing aspect to self-publishing with WordPress. It’s a challenge for most authors and soon-to-be authors (myself included) as it means promoting and “selling” your art.

  7. About a year ago or more i needed to convert knowledge base to a PDF document, the Antholgize, it worked great for me, i can honestly recommend it to anyone looking to quickly convert a site to PDF.

  8. I hate to promote my own stuff like that, but you missed my own WordPress to eBook plugin (http://www.magpress.net). It is paid, but I believe you get more layout options than with the others you mentionned here.

  9. Wow, I didn’t know that there are so many options. Using WordPress, of course is cool. There are some other options like LeanPub.com, which integrates with Dropbox and markdown files to produce pdf’s and epub or mobi files. Although it’s nice I wonder, if using WordPress instead would not be easier. I knew about some of this options, but didn’t know that there are so many. Great article.

  10. If you want a serious book based on your blog posts, you can’t beat the hands-on method of picking the right blog posts, putting them in the right order, and then using a professional design service to design the ebook and print book.

    It takes skill to choose the overall argument or logical structure of your book, and then choose the best blog posts that fit that structure, followed by arranging them in the best order. Each blog post has its own sub-argument and sub-topics that need to be carefully analyzed for best fit.

    Follow this developmental editing process with professional copyediting and proofreading. Failure to do so usually results in an ineffective and difficult-to-read book.

    After editing, seek professional design services by someone who has significant experience in both ebook and print book design. While it can seem like an easy process to prepare an ebook, there are many factors to consider and poor design always shows. Print design is even more important as this is still an art form. Forget templates and discount services if you want your book to look professional.

    This advice is for the person who cares how their book represents them to potentially thousands of readers. If you want an powerful book that stands a chance of high sales and also builds your reputation as an expert in your field, you need to pay the cost up front. There are no shortcuts and there are no free lunches.

  11. I have a public speaking site, which I don’t do much with these days but I’ve always intended to convert the content to PDF.

    This might be just the resource I need to get me moving.

    Thanks for putting this one together Sarah

  12. Can’t add anything constructive, but did want to tell you what a helpful, practical and timely article this is … and to thank you very much for posting it. Had no idea of the wealth of options out there until reading what you had to say, Sarah. Much appreciated!!

  13. Thanks for this great summary of resources and approaches.

  14. Great article, useful and inspirational. I had to subscribe to WP Tavern as I can’t risk missing pieces like this. :)

  15. While browsing for some online wp help, tips and tricks, I have stumbled upon wptavern… After reading this article, I can only say one thing: THANKS!
    Thank you for sharing all the info, opening good perspectives and solutions… :)
    You really helped me a lot with this article!

  16. Ron

    I tried Blurb but it only allowed to import content from Blogger, Live Journal and Typepad. As far as I know there is no option to import your WordPress blog.

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