1. Looks good Sarah.

    Perfect for adding interest to your menu and making it easy to pick out the right link.

    Don’t you just love WordPress when you see all the great plugins available.

  2. wow! really a helpful post. I was looking a post on Font Awesome for WordPress. Thanks Sarah for this nice writing.

  3. This is excellent news! I’ve been using Font Awesome extensively throughout my website, and had been wondering why updates were keeping so long. My current integration in the nav menu required some custom coding (Genesis is misbehaving), but I’m sure a next update will take care of it.

  4. Hmm; I wonder if there’s an analogous Plugin for Genericons? I could see that being quite useful…

  5. The FontAwesome is really beautiful, one thing that concerns (especially when using it in the frontend) is that the font is not anti-aliased on Windows, so the icons are not as sharp as they would be when using images :/

  6. Nice. Thanks, Sarah. I didn’t realize FontAwesome 4.0 was such an overhaul.

  7. Hi Sarah

    Thanks so much for your helpful post. You’ve saved me a lot of frustration! Keep up the great work.


  8. If a plugin to add icons to menus requires an entire blog post to explain how to use it, the plugin probably needs more work.

  9. Thanks for this great post. Now I have Font Awesome-Icons on my Blog :-)

  10. Not sure why it only works for my submenus in wordpress. The icon appears at the top of the menu and in the middle. Anyone care to shed some light on that?
    By the way Im using the ”the 7 ” wordpress theme.

  11. How do I suppress the Navigation Link text from showing though? I just want the icon to show…

    1. i’ve the same question with u.
      i want to show menu icon only without link text.
      may someone can help us ?

      somebody tellme to add this tag : text-indent: -9999px;
      but doesnt works for my web…

  12. Can I hide the text and just show the icons for my menu?
    Yes. Font Awesome menus adds a space between the icon and the text, and wraps that portion in a span with a class of “fontawesome-text”. To hide the text and just show the icon, you can put .fontawesome-text {display: none;} in your stylesheet.

  13. John

    where exactly do i put ‘ .fontawesome-text {display: none;}’ in my stylsheet?

  14. David Keys

    In the WordPress Twenty Fourteen theme one must also click the “Manage Locations” tab, then select your menu from the “Theme Location,” “Top primary menu” then “Save Changes” before the Font Awesome 4 icons will appear.

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