1. I hate the Admin Bar on the front end – but I’m giving it a trial run on the back end.

    Of course, I run it on the front end for Theme-testing purposes (just to ensure that Themes’ layout/design doesn’t get broken due to the Admin Bar).

    (Maybe you could add a poll question to account for using the Admin Bar on either the front or back end, but not both?)

  2. I disabled it because I already have little enough screen real estate — due in part to a full bookmarks bar in my regular browser, with links to the back ends of all my sites. (Doesn’t everyone do that?)

  3. As long as I do have to get a Plugin to change things around the way I want them to be you won’t see the admin bar on my sites. I also don’t think it’s that much of an important thing for the average WP user.

  4. I use the admin bar on all of my personal sites, mostly to make it easier to jump from one to another. On one larger client network, though, I had to disable the admin bar on the front-end. They’re using a theme that has its own version of the admin bar built in to the front-end. Really, it’s a PITA because it was poorly executed and majorly borks the presentation of their home page for logged-in users.

    But in the end, there can only be one … and it’s easier to disable the new one that ships with WP than it is to re-write a poorly-designed theme.

  5. In a network, the adminbar with the snackbar is the best new feature in 3.1 for network admins (or blog admins with more than one blog). However, if I were running a single WP site, I would probably turn it off.

  6. Funny that Ron thinnks snack bar rocks (didn’t he write it)? Anyway Snack Bar does rock and I love the admin bar. It shines strongest on Multi site installs but it’s also nice for single installs and jumping around.

  7. I love the admin bar. I find it makes carrying out admin tasks much easier, and I’ve been learning how to customise it further. A positive step forward in my view.

  8. @Chip Bennett – Not sure I understand you. What do you mean by front-end and back-end? I see it on the front-end but I’m the only one that sees it. As for the back-end, I don’t see any admin bar.

  9. Larry Wilcox

    I use it on the backend but on the front it sometimes messes up spacing so I don’t use it there.

  10. Larry Wilcox

    @Jeffro – You can turn it on in your user profile.

  11. @Larry Wilcox – Oh, well I’ve decided to keep it on for myself as it’s proving to be a very convenient way of accessing the same areas I’d want to access if I were in the Administration panel anyways. The admin bar just saves me a couple of mouse clicks.

  12. @Curtis – It was started by Westi, I added some links & then it was touched up by Pete Mall & Westi. The dev version has a link to the network admin sites menu that we missed in the first round.

  13. Initially I hated the admin bar but now I’m used to it and find it useful for quick navigation to my dashboard..!!

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