1. Hah, so the moral of the story here is that there is no shortage of information on how to start a WordPress meetup :)

    1. If there’s one topic in the community, outside code, that I think needs as much ink (so to speak) it’s this one.

  2. I attended my first meetup on Saturday. The drive was 70 miles in one direction. One person showed a way to version development. I learned so much in that single presentation to make it worth the drive.

  3. Great post. I’ve been active in tech meetups in Milwaukee for a few years now and I can never stop telling people about how important they can be for your career and development. I wouldn’t be where I am today without them and even if I were in a similar position I wouldn’t be as happy without being part of the local community. After a while they aren’t that hard to run, but one major tip is don’t do it alone. There will be months you have other commitments and you WILL need help.

  4. I noticed some local WordPress meetup groups charge $2-$5 to attend. (click yes on RSVP).

    I find that wrong. These meetups should be free. Put a bucket/coffee cup for donations. Not everyone has a CC.

    Like WordCamps, the meetups could get “sponsors”. by sponsors I mean, have that bucket/coffee cup.

    1. westbayweb

      Not all MeetUps charge. The Ann Arbor WP MeetUp does not. That or I owe them :)

        1. westbayweb

          Thanks for pointing that out. Sorry that you find it objectionable that a nominal fee is collected to cover administrative costs of the event.

      1. brashrebel

        I’m gonna try and attend the next A2 meetup. Our Jackson meetup has been going strong for a while.

        Great post Jeff. Interesting tidbits from Nathan about Dayton. I’d love for that to occur near my community as well one day.

  5. We have a difficult time finding a free, appropriate venue for our meetups. We’ve met in crowded, busy, loud restaurants and tried to give presentations. Asking members to fork over $2-$5 to help pay the venue for an organized, sound appropriate venue with projection equipment is not out bounds in my humble opinion. It’s not fair to expect the venue to host us for free, and it’s not fair to expect volunteer organizers to pay for it out of their own pocket. We’ve been fortunate to find free space so far, thanks to ITT Tech and the Sarasota HUB co-working space and have kept our meetings free – so far. But if we have to charge 2-5 bucks to keep it going, we will.

    Miroslav, if you were in my Sarasota, FL meetup and you contacted me about the payment situation, I’d find other ways for you to contribute as “payment”. I’d schedule you to present on a topic you knew about, or have you scouting “free” venues, or have you volunteer in other ways. :) Maybe you should reach out to the organizer?

    1. Pam Blizzard – I know there are expenses, however cover charges do prevent people from attending. WordCamps are free, Meetups can be as well.

      I don’t know about Sarasota but in Toronto we have a public library system with 98 branches. we met in one of them.

      Don’t you have any contacts that can offer some space for free? One of my employers has an office in Miami, FL. I used the board room for some community meetings (non work community groups). Work was fine with that. However they moved locations.

      Isn’t there a web design company, WordPress related company in Sarasota that could offer their office/board room for a couple hours a month? Start meeting people.

      Also, putting a cover fee might prevent bigger donations. I am not going to pay cover charge and put down a $20. Which I have in the past.

      I have absolutely no idea about the Sarasota area but there must be a WP-friendly company, at least one, in Sarasota

      1. If you roll under the foundation I do believe they have things in place where you can request for these fees to be paid. Of course try your best to find a sponsor or free place. We’ve often met at coworking spaces that are free and have a few businesses that offer their space. I definitely think free is the way to go. There may be some situations where a nominal fee may have to be in place, but keep trying to find a free place. Just be sure the fees go to paying the expenses and not in someone’s pocket.

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