1. This looks like a must-read for every wordpress developer. I think it’s worth buying.

  2. how does ones get the introductory price? It says 24$ on the site

  3. Paul,

    The coupon is applied at checkout. Once you’re directed to Paypal, it should show the reduced price before purchasing.

  4. @Matt,

    Unfortunately, no. I haven’t found a publisher, and those that I have found want a completely different book :/

    I tried doing the self-publishing route, but the unit price would have been around $40 with no profit for a 250 page book. So I’m just playing the wait-and-see game at the moment.

  5. Yuval

    Confirmed on the coupon. I just clicked on the link above, then on the “Purchase Now ($24)” link, logged into Paypal where it showed the “Price” line ($24), a “Discount” line with $10 and the total was $14. after paying, I got two emails. One with my credentials to get the book/code examples, and one was my Paypal receipt which said I was charged $14. Can’t wait to start reading!

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