1. i’d happily buy this if it’s an improvement over cforms. i know i posted this last time, but i never saw a comparison posted anywhere.

  2. @matt mcinvale – Not to knock cforms, I’ve used that plugin on many sites, but Gravity Forms is a significant improvement, especially in how easy it is to set up a form. If you make sites for other people, and they will be the ones making new forms they will thank you for how easy it is to use. It’s the best WordPress plugin I’ve used.

  3. @Bill Robbins

    The developers in the development team in my department has said the same. We run sites using both but are switching to Gravity Forms as cforms is more frequently not working. I use cforms on my personal blog and I guess it works well for smaller efforts like that (however, it´s a bit tricky to upgrade), but for bigger magazine websites using WordPress, maybe Gravity Forms is worth the price after all?

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