1. Haven’t seen this before, but I’ve definitely seen quite a few theme developers provide both the parent and a pre-made child theme in the download. While I dig generators, just because they are kinda cool, I think simply providing the child theme with the download is probably the better/easier thing to do.

    1. That would definitely eliminate some steps in the process of editing the theme.

  2. I definitely prefer seeing basic child themes included though that still doesn’t seem widespread from my vantage point which is somewhat limited.

    That’s the kind of thing that’s kept WordPress from being more widely and gracefully adopted by people without web backgrounds. If I hadn’t already done some work with CSS I would have been a lot less comfortable with that whole process.

    1. I was giving this some more thought, especially after Donna’s comment. Do you think it would be beneficial if all themes that are activated on a site were just child themes? That is, every theme designed ships with the appropriate child theme requirements and that’s what users end up activating and using, leaving the theme it’s based on in tact, with no edits.

      The problem I see with this method is confusion among customers thinking they have two themes and are unsure of which one they are using/editing.

  3. Jeannine

    All of the Builder themes from iThemes.com offer to generate a child theme when they are installed. The Graph Paper Press dialog looks very similar to the iThemes functionality.

  4. I figure if somebody is going to make heavy mods they should learn how to start a child theme, but sometimes a designer just wants to tweak style.css and not be bothered with setting up functions.php, making a screenshot, etc. With churchthemes.com our approach is to include download links for dynamically generated child themes in our child theming starter guide: http://churchthemes.com/guides/developer/child-theming/

    That way they can just modify style.css and upload or do more sophisticated things (some examples included with the themes). Very handy to simply refer customers to the starter guide when they want something extra.

  5. Hi Jeff
    I use Genesis so I’m all about child themes.
    I have been warned many times that if you edit the Genesis core files… the Genesis police will come and take you away!

    The generator looks like a fabulous idea to me.

  6. I use Child Themify just search for child themes in the wp plugins and wallah Easy Peezy

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