1. Hi Sarah
    What will they think of next?
    Someone pointed out to me that WordPress admin is now mobile responsive and they had fallen in love with the new widget area!

    I’ll point him in this direction for colour schemes.

  2. I wonder if the Plugin could be extended to take advantage of the CSS pre-processor now bundled with core, to allow for arbitrary, user-defined color schemes?

  3. Love the new look. Reminds me a lot of nice sleek app designs.

  4. Ian

    I’ve installed and activated this plugin, and would love to be impressed by it, but there’s no instruction as to *how* to change the colour scheme!

  5. @Ian – Hover over your name in the top right of the admin, then select “Edit my profile”.

  6. Oh yay, more choices. I was crushed to see that my beloved “seaweed” color scheme didn’t make the cut. Perhaps I’ll find one of these fitting.

    Does this mean MP6, the plugin, is over? Do we just delete it now?

  7. The new color schemes are nice, although the default one seems to be best balanced … or it is just that i most used to it by now.

  8. It surprised me when I tried this yesterday, but I found the red color scheme (“sunrise”) surprisingly pleasing. I’m giving it a try for the next couple of days. (Was on MP6 before anyway, so no major changes for me.)

  9. Ian

    Ah, in Profile. Thanks, Sarah!

  10. Just as an FYI: Kelly is a developer. :)

    Thanks for the write up!

  11. Lisa

    Can’t wait to be able to easily create my own color schemes with something like this!

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