1. You don’t need to wait for the free WordPress.com themes to hit Extend (is it still called Extend?). As soon as they’re published on WordPress.com, they’re free to download for .org via a link in the sidebar on the Theme Showcase theme page.

  2. @Chris Finke – That’s neat. We used to have to browse to the WordPress.com SVN link to locate the theme files to download them.

  3. @Chris Finke – They released a theme a few weeks ago, named Parisienne, to wp.com and I wanted it badly, but that’s a premium theme so I guess I’m out of luck there…

  4. It’s a very clean and modern design layout theme. I can’t wait, am go to WordPress.org.

  5. I love minimalist WP themes. I have been switching themes finding the right “feel” to my blog, might consider this one, I love the clean no-nonsense look.

  6. I’ve loaded it on my blog! Love the purple version in the color options. I modified a background image to match. I also appreciate the larger, bold font. It seems so many of the WordPress themes have tiny font. Not Writr.


    I need to figure out how to change the upper left image to my Gravatar image – maybe it will happen automatically…?


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