1. There is a theme repo over at buddypress.org, which catches all themes tagged with “buddypress”. Seems to be misfiring lately though, and doesn’t catch any themes out in the general wild.

  2. Small Potato

    I’d like to see heavily modified bp themes. I messed with Buddypress thememing before and quit after a day. Perhaps another time, “buddy”.

  3. @Small Potato -BP themeing has changed significantly with 1.1, and there is supposed to be more improvements with 1.2.

    might wanna give it another whirl. :)

  4. Thanks for the kind words even though I’m a tad late on this reply! I’m going to post a how-to post this week on enabling Custom Menus a la TwentyTen on BP themes, so yay for more out-of-the-box functionality! =)

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