1. Hey Sarah, I recently heard about schema.org. From your post, it looks like this plugin is great for local brick & mortar businesses. Is this the primary purpose of this plugin? If so, is it beneficial for non brick and mortar businesses to use schema.org, just not with this plugin? Thanks.

  2. Hi Lynn! Yes this plugin is mostly for businesses who are posting a physical address on their websites. Any kind of business or organization that posts an address on their site could benefit from it, I imagine. The point is to be found by search engines.

    1. I tested it with 3.9.1, works fine. It’s a very new plugin. Compatibility info isn’t always correct in the repo. If you’re concerned, don’t use it. ;)

    2. The compatibility info on the plugin repo is a joke. I’ve built plugins for WP 2.x that still work fine in 3.9. I’m certainly not going to bump my plugin’s version number just because I need to update the “compatibility” section on the plugin repo and force users to download an update with zero code changes.

      1. You don’t have to bump the version. Just edit the readme in trunk and the tag folder, and that will update the plugin page. No new versions needed.

        1. To me, that is just wrong. If I’m going to make changes, even a single-character change, that means that the overall plugin has changed and should have it’s version number bumped. Call me crazy, but I’m obsessive about this sort of thing. It’d eat away at me knowing that there’s multiple copies of my plugins floating around with different code but identical versions numbers.

          Now, if we were to have a method of changing this via the “assets” folder like the banners, I’d be fine with that. Realistically, we just need a simple control panel to change it that’s outside of the plugin folder itself where many of us track changes religiously.

          Even with all that said, I’m not sure I actually want to go through 30 plugins and update the compatibility number on them.

      2. I agree. That data is mostly useless and seems to confuse a lot of people since most plugin developers (including me) never update just to bump that number up.

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