1. Nice! Welcome to the tavern, Sarah! :)

  2. Scott Wyden Kivowitz

    Congrats on the move and glad to see you here at the tavern!

  3. Awesome!

    I kept running into Sarah’s posts on WMPU.org for every WordPress google search I’d do.

    Keep up the great stuff =)

    – David

  4. Whut? Matt bought The Tavern and pays staff to write here?

  5. Congrats! Looking forward to see what you get up to over here :) And maybe I’ll finally get to meet you at a WordCamp? ;)

    1. @Siobhan Thanks and yes, we definitely need to meet up and have a few beers! :)

  6. Sarah,
    Will you write about BuddyPress here too? Actually you were my BuddyPress speaker at WPMU till now :)

  7. Welcome to the Tavern Sarah! Are you still still a managing partner at Untame? I assume you’re also on the payroll at AC?

    Looking forward to more great content from you.

  8. I loved reading your articles, but hated where I had to read them. That is now no longer a problem. It is nice to see you here Sarah :)

  9. Congratulations, Sarah! Looking forward to reading more of your awesome posts here :)

  10. That is fantastic news! Just signed up for all the awesome. Bring it!

  11. Congrats…!!!

    @Sarah Gooding – Can we know what is a reason behind this move?

  12. I´m so glad the Taverrn is not only back but also growing!
    And I agree with Ryan Hellyer: It´ll be much nicer to read your articles here, Sarah.

  13. Great news Sarah, have always loved your articles on WPMU. I’ve added WP Tavern to my RSS reading list. Good luck.

  14. Congratulations Sarah :)
    I have always admired your articles and I am looking forward to see all your awesome article here again.
    Keep all those nice articles coming :)

  15. Congrats on the move Sarah! Looking forward to seeing what you write about here!

  16. Welcome to the tavern, Sarah! I’ve known Jeff and have previously worked along side him, so I know you’re joining a great guy who is an absolute pleasure to work with!

    Looking forward to even more greatness on WPTavern now! :)

  17. @Jeffro

    Haha! Well our time teaming up at Performancing was enjoyable (although them using Drupal was not). However, what kind of potentially crazed soul your former colleagues at the grocery market believe you to be… that’s forever a mystery! ;)

  18. Congratulations, Sarah and Welcome to the Tavern.

    Looking forward to reading your great articles :).

  19. Welcome to the Tavern Sarah. I have always valued your articles, and look forward to reading them here.

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