1. Iain

    Hopeless. I have just checked the demo on my phone and all I see are 4 very narrow columns.

    1. Hopeless are people with such attitudes ^

      Fast to judge? BTW plugin is GPL, you’re welcome to submit your patch, or at least report the issue or give constructive critique, like the gentleman below.

      1. Iain

        That looks fine now, Thanks for the speedy update.

  2. The responsive issue is a super easy fix .. I’d be upset if it were a premium plugin saying it was responsive and not, but to complain over a free one? Meh.

  3. It aggravates me to no end when people complain about minor issues with free plugins. Someone has taken the time to create something you can use, free of charge, and make better if you want, and you complain??? How about offering your time on a project like this? How about you learn how, spend the time to do it, and then offer it to the world? Thank you to the author of this plugin! Way to donate your knowledge to the WordPress community. I look forward to seeing lots of people help you make this even better!

    1. Thanks Buddy, We appreciate that you understand our contribution and effort. We are coming with some other cool plugins too.

    1. I would agree, as a user of your “Easy Pricing Tables” plugin, I was confused when I saw this article and the comments

  4. If a product, whether free or not is advertised as being something (responsive) and its not, I don’t think its unreasonable to point this out.

    I lot of people use plugins because they can’t create the feature of the plugin themselves, so telling them to shut up and code it themselves if they point out it doesn’t work as advertised isn’t helpful.

    Does look good though! Will have to compare it to David’s one which I do like.

  5. someone

    Its not what i expected. It is a very unfinished a bit inconsistent plugin.

    It seems that it is just a copy of some plugin made for a customer or something.

    – not possible to choose font, standardfont will be used which breaks the design of the table
    – no option to exclude specific things like price or headlines
    – at least the css tricks work, but no option to disable them
    – wrong words everywhere

    But i will keep a look on it, maybe it is going to be improved.

  6. Thank you for a nice plugin that obviously is very handy.

    Does anyone know recommend a premium plugin similar to this plugin?

  7. mtibesar

    @JW Themes – Are you going to expand the Time Duration options (as repeatedly reported on the Support forum) for this plugin please? It would be appreciated very much!

    1. Hi @mtibesar, let me know if you want me to send you the modified version to include Per Hour time duration.

      1. Hello @Andrew, that would be very much appreciated! Thank you for improving this plugin!

        1. Hi @mtibesar, I need a way that I can send you the file

          1. Sorry about that @Andrew! Please e-mail to marcustibesar at outlook dot com – thank you!

  8. I’ve managed to add “Per Hour” to the Add, Edit and Show the tables. Also changed the “Buy Now Text” and “Buy Now Link” to “Button Text” and “Button Link”.

    So JW, do you want me to share the modified version here, or if you want me to send to you?

    P.S. You may want me to do nothing :P


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