1. i have to agree with you… when i see the “post published” message i freak out big time… and like you i have to check the edit post page to make sure. I realy think that the wordpress peps need to change the schedule message.

  2. great find..lol.. i am not using scheduled posts until now.. so i don’t know this .. now somebody will start to write a hack (or plugin) to change this in wp core files ..

  3. Maybe they should change the wording in core from:

    Post published – View post


    DON’T FREAK OUT! – Yes, the post has been published, but your minions of readers won’t get to read it until the post date of September 3, 2009 at 9:38:22.

  4. I agree. Actually, this is the main reason that I write offline with Scribe or LiveWriter.

  5. Absolutely. This could be changed to something a little less traumatizing ;)

  6. I agree, and good to see little usability things like this identified and fixed so quickly.

  7. So thankfully, I’m not the only one that freaked out when I schedule a post. Means I’m not crazy!

    @scribu – Thanks for putting in the ticket for me. I would have eventually tried my hand but I wanted to figure out first if it was actually an issue other people agreed with first.

    @westi – Thanks Westi for approving the patch and putting it in 2.9. Looking for to this small but delightful fix.

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