1. Hmmm, so that is a great video? I think I could create something like that myself.

      I’ve never seen the point in instructional videos as I never use them myself. I find it’s faster to read text instead.

      But if a simple video like that is all that people want, then perhaps I should go and create videos for all of my plugins then.


  1. Looking forward to the inevitable plugin/theme naming confusion in 6 years time ;)


  2. In case anyone else was as confused as me ….

    There is the TwentyTen theme for WordPress, which has nothing to do with this.
    There is the TwentyTen Sass/jQuery plugin which this is based on.
    There is the TwentyTen WordPress plugin, which is what was reviewed above.

    Naming nightmare :/

    It’s a nice WordPress plugin though. Now I need to find an excuse/reason to install it :)


  3. truly an amazing plugin…I can’t wait to install it now. great vid too….awesome attention to every detail!

  4. Ramin

    Very nice plugin. Interessting that it is the only one I could find workind with WordPress 3.91. I wonder whether it is possible to change the overlay words from case to case to something custom, so that it is not always BEFORE and AFTER?


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