1. Ouch! What a sell! Wow those beautiful themes just need good manager and problogger with 1 developer to turn it into a cash cow!

    1. As do I. I hope he can somehow come back to WordPress in the future and succeed with his design talent.

  2. I’ve gotta say, I’m surprised by the low BIN price. I didn’t even realize it was for sale until this post.

    The themes alone are worth it, let alone 4 years of history, existing traffic, revenue (albeit inconsistent), and site infrastructure already set up. Whoever the buyer is got a bargain of headstart in the WP theme industry.

    I’ve always been a big fan of Tung but he never really seemed to gain traction with DevPress like he did with WPDesigner, which at its peak, was an authority in the WP theme world.

    I guess you can chalk it up to saturation in the market, but the guy is an awesome designer and has a very unique voice, it’s just surprising he didn’t seem to stand out on more of a mass scale.

    Best of luck to him and his family, and I hope to see him back in the community one day.

    1. DevPress had an identity crisis. At least with Tung at the helm, we was able to control the direction but a one man theme club just doesn’t work in the long run. Too much time spent doing other things instead of creating new products for people to buy. If he ever comes back, I hope he never gets involved with another theme club. Instead, I’d like to see him churn out some awesome designs within a talented team allowing him to focus on what he does best, design.

  3. Michael Dance

    Probably for the best. I bought the $5 membership originally on the reputation of the owners but DevPress could never figure out what it was — aside from the theme review service, there was also talk about being an app/widget store, being a news blog, being a social community, etc. It needed an actual business plan.

    1. We definitely couldn’t figure out. That was our original issue. We had too many chiefs and not enough Indians, as they say. We wanted to be too many things at once, which was a major part of our downfall. Tung had a much better go at it alone. I still consider him one of the top designers in the WordPress world, and I’m pretty sure he’ll be around for years to come because I’ll drag him back kicking and screaming if I have to. :)

      1. That’s pretty cool to see you say Tung is one of the top designers in the world of WP. It proves I’m not crazy!

  4. Best of luck to Tung and his wife. I hope he doesn’t stay away forever. He brought a level of thoughtfulness and a willingness to buck popular trends that you don’t ordinarily find in the themes marketplace.

    1. Yep! He did it with style and attention to detail. I don’t know of any individual off the top of my head that I can compare with Tung.

  5. Congratulations to Devin Price and good luck to Tung.

    It’s never easy to let go, been there, done that :)

  6. It’s time to update the post and announce that DevPress is not in strange hand. Also best wishes to Tung Do and his wife.

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