1. Like it – bright, inviting and simple.
    The recent and popular tabs in the sidebar are a nice touch.
    That is one good looking free theme

  2. Looks like a winner. Also a nice starting point for some child theme CSS magic. :)

  3. Flick

    Thanks! Looking forward to testing it out :) Would also suggest Openstrap as well. I used it on a test project some months ago, so not sure what its like now and how it compares to Dazzling, but it still seems to be actively maintained by Pavan, the developer, so perhaps worth a look too? http://wordpress.org/themes/openstrap‎

  4. Thank you for reviewing my theme! Really appreciate it!

    I am open for suggestion on how to make this theme even better. You can feel free to leave a message here on get in touch via our support forum.

    More free Bootstrap based themes coming soon.

  5. It’s a nice looking theme. For some reason, the live demo page gives me a horizontal scroll bar on my MBP 15 inch retina display.

  6. Very nice looking theme indeed! I love a minimal style and a nice lightweight non bloated theme. Thanks Sarah

  7. Can you set page featured instead of post?!

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