1. Cool new plugins, thanks for the list! I think the User Profile Meta Manager is especially useful.

  2. Hi,
    Your link on Profile Links is wrong, 404 error page.
    Thanks anyhow for your help.

  3. Cool plugin tips :)

    You should edit the link to Profile Links, currently goes to 404 even though the alt shows the correct address.


  4. Hi Marcus
    Some cool plugins here.
    I hardly dare use the WP Grass plugin – my whole page could get overgrown with grass and brambles in a few weeks – fun idea though.

    I’ve never used a PayPal donations plugin but it might be one I’ll think about.
    Not sure if it is a bit “cheap” or am I being a snob?

    1. I thought the grass plugin was funny! Imagine the internet covered in weeds.

  5. Ted Clayton

    Yeah, shoot, where would I be without cinder blocks? ;)

    … maybe climbing tendrils & hanging vines? We’ve seen these fantastic computer-generated time-series images of Nature reclaiming abandoned cities, etc … maybe moss & fern drapery encrusting the page, flying insects coming & going, visiting little wildflowers.

    It’s ultimately about providing interest, eh? :)

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