1. Evening Sarah.
    It’s so simple to use but I never get round to using it! Gravatar definitely is covenient, plus it can often help a new blogger build trust just from the simple fact that when a face is associated with content and advice it automatically appears more legit (not to say that is correct, but I imagine that holds true for a lot of users who read content on the web.)
    Great write up.

  2. Sarah,

    Thanks for the article. It has been a while since I logged into the Gravatar site. I have updated sites, photos and contact info.


  3. There’s also a Chrome extension that uses gravatar to show the picture of who you’re mailing with, in case they didn’t add an avatar themself. I forgot what the name was, but I have it on my laptop at home. (I should really get into synching my extensions as well.)

    Regarding this new feature: I find it kind of annoying that you _have_ to have Jetpack installed. I’ve used it for many years, but recently removed all traces because I did not like the extra tracking scripts it was using. (For example: Quantcast. Hope you’re reading this, Matt.) Guess I won’t be giving this new Gravatar functionality a try.

  4. I tried this, and my avatar is still not connecting, even though Gravatar shows my site has been added…. any other suggestions?? Thanks!

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