1. Hmm, seems like a great idea! I may look into whether I can use it so that one of my plugins is active on the demo page, but not across the rest of the site.. I have a couple of plugins I don’t really want to run across the site, but need the demo page.


  2. Nice to see an article about Plugin Organizer.

    Definitely my number 1 plugin for wordpress, a big start for optimization time, time spent is definitely justified in the long run.

    Like I have this ecommerce plugin that really slows down all the other non-ecommerce posts/pages, Plugin Organizer comes to the rescue by not loading the ecommerce plugin where it’s not needed.

    Or let’s say Stephen Cronin’s Local Currency (the best out there), I only need it for posts with currencies, not having to load it in others is one less load.


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