1. Hmm, seems like a great idea! I may look into whether I can use it so that one of my plugins is active on the demo page, but not across the rest of the site.. I have a couple of plugins I don’t really want to run across the site, but need the demo page.


  2. Nice to see an article about Plugin Organizer.

    Definitely my number 1 plugin for wordpress, a big start for optimization time, time spent is definitely justified in the long run.

    Like I have this ecommerce plugin that really slows down all the other non-ecommerce posts/pages, Plugin Organizer comes to the rescue by not loading the ecommerce plugin where it’s not needed.

    Or let’s say Stephen Cronin’s Local Currency (the best out there), I only need it for posts with currencies, not having to load it in others is one less load.


  3. This could be just what I’m looking for, so thx for the write-up Jeff.

    Does anyone know what impact this has on mu-plugins? I have a situation where I’d like to load a non-mu (i.e. normal) plugin first even though I have a bunch of mu-plugins, which would otherwise always load first – make sense?

    Appreciate anyone’s input.


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