1. Jérôme

    Hello Sarah and thank you very much for this information which falls very well for me.

    You are also very prolific for the subject and it’s always a pleasure to read to you!

    I have a small supplementary question if you are willing. Following the example of WordPress, buddypress ask for a number additional plugins to be optimized.

    To configure correctly a platform WordPress multisite with BuddyPress (WP Mu + WP + Buddy), how much of plugin maximum we can use without altering the general performances please?

    Thank you very much! :-)


  2. Jérôme

    @Sarah Gooding

    Yes, of course! But how estimate the quality of a plugin? It’s rather subjective. Thank you…



  3. It feels a little unclear how one can use this theme.

    Is it necessary to have network activation and to be using buddypress plugin?


  4. @Joshua Parker
    It si not a BuddyPress theme. It does works well with BuddyPress due to theme compat. I built it for WordPress based Knowledege base site.
    I don’t see how can we use a documentation theme based on BuddyPress. Do you mean the collaborative documentation website?


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