1. Nice article/interview. And the link to the plugin requirements was great. I’d forgotten about that.

  2. Thank you both! Sarah, for the awesome article, and Mika (plus team!) for all you do for us plugin devs! You all ROCK!

  3. Yes I agree with David and I’d like to offer my thanks to the team… “who stand at the door of the repository and review incoming plugins to make sure they meet the guidelines.”

    Fabulous job they do.

  4. Thank you Sarah, What these great people are doing is extremely needed and precious, can’t imagine what could be the situation without all these efforts. Clearly no greatness is achieved without passion.

  5. Great to get a little insight in the review process through this interview, thanks!

  6. Just submitted my first plugin to the repository before reading this. Great insight :)

  7. They go back through older plugins too. We have a plugin that had not been updated in over a year but is over 3yrs in the repo. Mika emailed me when she found a non sanitized use of a $_GET value in display code, fixed it.. Went on our way.

    They are doing good work over there..

    1. In fairness, someone else reported that one :) But we do parse through all those reports and try to make sure they’re accurate before pinging you guys.

  8. Thanks for the great post.
    I am still looking for the RSS feed for updated plugins. I have the feed for new ones.

  9. Nice interview.

    I’ve dealt with Mika and the team in the past (one of my plugins had a security issue, fixed it, happens to the best of us), and it really helps a developing developer to learn.

    So thanks :)

  10. I believe that the new versions of plugins that have not too long after they should turn off the ability to download them. There are plugins of 2011 that certainly need to be revised to update to the new wordpress.

    There are duplication of plugins, plugin with support ticket unanswered for months, plugin without screenshot or faq!

    Many plugin have the same problem: load in the head of the all page the css or js even if there are. The optimization and the cache with this plugins it’s a stupid and annoying problem -.-‘

  11. Inline documentation for developers + the repo review team. External documentation for developers who want to integrate or extend your plugin. And finally, documentation for the users, technical and non-technical alike.


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