1. Carl Hancock

    Scrollkit looks pretty fun to use. I wish I had tried it before they closed it after the acquisition.

    I will say there is a difference between Scrollkit and others such as Velocity Page that is quite significant.

    Velocity Page is a front end editor for editing the content of the page. Not the theme. So it’s strictly designed to control and manage the page content while leaving the theme to do what themes do.

    Scrollkit, on the other hand, appears to be like a blank slate. The user can create whatever they want. Content and design included. There is no theme at that point.

    Scrollkit seems like a more visual and souped up Aesop Story Engine. Which was designed to be used to create long form content like Snow Fall by the New York Times which is also a project the Scrollkit team re-created using Scrollkit in an hour. The New York Times said it took them hundreds of hours to create that single long read article design.

    It’ll be interesting to see what comes out of this. It’s slightly different from a front end content editor. It’s a front end everything editor.

    I’m of the mindset if you give every user that much power over the entire design of the site you’re going to end up with some very, very terrible looking sites. Which is why themes are so important.

    1. I think that, for the people who really take their website serious, and are honest with themselves about their level of expertise with design (or lack thereof), they’ll continue using themes and easier to set up options.

      Some people get overwhelmed at the amount of editable areas there are in some themes options panels, so I doubt they’re going to feel comfortable designing everything themselves.

      And then on the other side of the token, there’s the crowd who want to stylize everything themselves and blogs will start looking like Myspace pages, circa 2005.

      The cream will always rise to the top.

    2. There are quite a few terrible looking sites already floating around, even with themes. What’s a few more?;-) It’ll be interesting to see what, if anything, is used from this acquisition. I hope something, b/c it did look as if it had some useful aspects.

  2. Your comment repeats several points mentioned in the article. ;) But it’s true – Velocity Page and Scroll Kit are different, albeit loosely related. I am in agreement with you about the consequences of giving users that much power. Very few people out there have the skills of a designer, and that’s something that’s difficult to communicate to someone who feels as though they should be able to design simply because they have all the tools.

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